e_a.sonata.02 - Urs Leimgruber, Günter Müller & ARTE Quartett


ARTE Quartett Saxophone
Urs Leimgruber Komposition / Saxophone
Günter Müller Live-Elektronik

Produced by Urs Leimgruber and Günter Müller
Recorded and mixed by Erwin Bindzus and Günter Müller
Mastered by Günter Müller 
Artwork: Barbara Hediger

«Leimgruber’s saxophone is lost in a sea of saxes – well, actually a sax quartet, the ARTE Quartet. But the sharp high notes, gurgling low notes, and elemental breath and key-based sounds rarely conjure up the image of a sax quartet – left alone the image of a soloist accompanied by a sax quartet. They sound more like ants busy working collectively at some Great Plan, each ant creating its own way to accomplish its task.»
François Couture, All Music Guide, 01.2004

«Uncomparable to other genres, this inquisitive music is deeply affecting without becoming disturbing, confirming the high degree of these artists’ valuable choices.»
Massimo Ricci, Touching extremes, 01.2004

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