Ice Cream Time - Nick Didkovsky & ARTE Quartett featuring Thomas Dimuzio

Ice Cream Time

ARTE Quartett Saxophone
Nick Didkovsky Komposition / E-Gitarre
Thomas Dimuzio Live-Elektronik

Produced by Nick Didkovsky
Recorded and mixed by Ron Kurz, Nick Didkovsky and Thomas Dimuzio
Mastered by Thomas Dimuzio
Artwork: Bob Defrin

«Didkovsky’s sextet is rounded out by signal processor Thomas and the ARTE Quartett, comprised of saxophonists Beat Hofstetter, Sascha Armbruster, Andrea Formenti and Beat Kappeler – which is conducive for creating shimmering auroras and iridescent drones that have stand-alone integrity and don’t necessary have to be heard within the context of an overarching intricate structure.»
Bill Shoemaker, Moment’s Notice, 01.2008

«Nick Didkovsky’s music, at least the album-length piece Ice Cream Time, is sharp, clever, rigorous, funny, and, at times moving…Ice Cream Time is cool and, yes, pretty sweet.»
Steve Hicken, Sequenza 21, 02.2008

«Nick’s writing for the sax quartet is spirited, fun and his guitar fits in just right. “Calm” is just that, with long hushed drones for the saxes, that is quite lovely. The final section, “Rise” is long and most impressive. It begins with more somber sax drones that are rich and haunting and build exquisitely in cautious layers that both fascinating and a bit unnerving, just like life itself.»
BLG, Downtown Music Gallery, 12.10.2007

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